As a known Sarasota Real Estate expert, Robert Krasow will frequently be contacted for his opinions on market trends & activity, as well as, represent buyers and sellers in high profile transactions throughout the SRQ region.  Here is a peek at some of the more recent mentions Rob has had in both local and worldwide publications & websites.


How Much Is My House Worth?

…Real estate agents typically offer a comparative market analysis (CMA) to sellers for free in hopes of winning their business. To complete the CMA, the agent pulls data about recent sales of comps in the area. They then draw on their knowledge of the neighborhood and any special characteristics of your property to estimate its value. A buyer’s agent may also provide this same service for any home a buyer wants to make an offer on.

“A good agent will have the tools necessary to drill down and find an accurate market value,” says Robert Krasow, a Realtor with Michael Saunders & Company in Sarasota, Florida. “An experienced professional follows the market, looks at home conditions and knows the neighborhood — all while making determinations using both data and their expertise.”

It’s helpful to have an expert identify comps, answer questions and give guidance.

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Sarasota Real Estate expert
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From The Sarasota Herald-Tribune:

Market Snapshot

Gulf Gate offers quiet neighborhoods with shopping and dining nearby

…Gulf Gate is blessed with lush greenery – mature Norfolk Pines, live oaks and a variety of palm trees, as well as ample shrubbery. With small ponds, meandering roads, and well-kept properties, reflecting pride of ownership, the neighborhoods project quiet tranquility and a comfortable living atmosphere.

““It’s a great area,” said Robert Krasow, a realtor with Michael Saunders and Company, who has lived in Gulf Gate Woods for the past few years. “When I moved down here, I discovered the neighborhood and fell in love with it. People are friendly. You can walk everywhere.”

He continued, “It’s a true neighborhood in the old sense – everyone knows one another, says hello, respects each other’s privacy, and socializes when they want to. It’s a special kind of place.”

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From Sarasota Magazine:

The ``Other`` Round House

Sarasota Real Estate Expert Sells the Round House

…Alex Aberle and his partner, Violette Harrington Levy, bought it for $703,201, cash, earlier this month, after it was initially listed for $899,999 in April of last year.

Sue Tapia, the homeowner, is also a local real estate agent with White Sands Realty Group, represented herself in the sale, while Robert Krasow of Michael Saunders & Company represented the buyers.

During her time there, Tapia transformed the once-quasi-abandoned, long-time rental hidden in the overgrowth into a bright, “pristine mid-century modern museum,” Aberle says.

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Sarasota Real Estate expert
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